Need a Professional Roofer in Miami FL?

We are here to give you professional and skilled work, expert advice and value for your dollar.  We have helped a huge number of homeowners in Dade County acquire and maintain beautiful roofs.

We know that one of the most important investments in your home is your roof.  It is vital to the appearance of your home or place of business and during the summer months, these are thoroughly tested with the rains and hurricanes in South Florida.

  • A damaged roof can be a huge setback for your home or business.
  • Faulty shingles or worn sealants can also burn a whole on your pocket.
  • The question is, do you spend a large amount of money on recurring repairs or invest in something that is new and properly installed?

We are Your Local Roofing Contractors in Miami-Dade South FL Offering Professional Services and Repairs for Your Home

  • We aim to give quality and value to our customers, backed up by our added years of experience.
  • We provide our clients an unmatched guarantee that makes us stand out from other repair contractors.
  • We offer services for shingle, tile and flat systems.
  • Whether you would need a small repair or a completely new installation, rest assured that our technicians will provide you the best service using quality products for a perfect finish.
  • We are committed to excellence and service.

Why should you hire us as your first choice roofing experts?

With the number of companies in the market today, it could be very difficult to find a reliable, professional and hardworking commercial or residential contractor.  It is vital to find licensed, skilled, qualified and knowledgeable experts.  Your home or business is very important – so do not just trust anyone out there.  Choose reputable experts that use high quality materials and provide quality service.

Finding a qualified professional can seem like a difficult task, but if you do your homework and follow a few tips, you should be okay.

  • Look for a contractor that has years of experience.
  • Ask for some references and take a look at work they’ve done recently.
  • Another important factor is that you feel comfortable with the person in charge of the repairs or installation.
  • Aside from this, make sure you speak with the owner or person in charge and preferably meet them in person.
  • Ask for a business license.
  • Check if they have valid certifications, training and insurance.

Look no further because we provide quality repairs in all of Dade County.  Contact us today at 305-972-3474 .